Premier Mountain Tour


An incredible sight-seeing journey into the San Juan Mountains.

Our Premier Mountain Tour features an incredible sight-seeing journey from our base at Animas Airpark to nearly 11,000' into the San Juan Mountains. You will have an incredible view of Engineer Mountain, Spud Lake/Mountain, the Needles, and so much more.

The descent is an incredible ride through the upper Animas Valley looking down to the D&SNGRR tracks in the valley below.


Additional details:

Please allow for up to 2hrs in your schedule, total flight time is 60min. The Premier Mountain Helicopter Tour cost is $350/person with a minimum of two passengers. Booking price includes fees and taxes, gratuity not included.

*Weight restrictions apply : Maximum seat capacity (250lbs) - Please be prepared to provide an accurate weight during the scheduling process. All tours are subject to change to due potential flight risks and weather conditions. For specific questions or concerns, please contact our direct line at (970) 759-7482.


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