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Alpine Heli Tours offers private helicopter tours departing from Animas Airpark in Durango, Colorado. Our non-stop tours give an incredible view of the city of Durango, lower and upper Animas River, and into the San Juan Mountains. You'll see incredible mountain lakes, massive rock walls, and towering peaks from the comfort of a climate-controlled helicopter. Our pilots are trained for flight in the mountains ensuring customer safety and comfort throughout the entire adventure. Call today to schedule your next flight or to inquire about our helicopter tours. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Alpine Heli Tours is a division of Colorado Highland Helicopters.

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PHONE: (970) 759-7482

LOCATION: 59 N. Skylane Dr.
Durango, CO

HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:30pm
Sat-Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm

Durango Mountain Helicopter Tour Photo
Premium Mountain Helicopter Tour

Our Premium Mountain Tour features an incredible sight-seeing journey from our base at Animas Airpark to nearly 11,000' into the San Juan Mountains. You will have an incredible view of Engineer Mountain, Spud Lake/Mountain, the Needles, and so much more. The descent is an incredible ride through the upper Animas Valley looking down to the D&SNGRR tracks in the valley below.

*Please allow for up to 2hrs in your schedule, total flight time is 60min.
Premium Mountain Helicopter Tour cost is $325/person with a minimum of two passengers.
Booking price includes fees and taxes, gratuity not included.

Durango Mountain Lake Helicopter Tour Photo
Durango Mountain Lake Helicopter Tour

The Mountain Lake Tour is a look into Durango's most famous mountain lakes. Beginning at Animas Airpark, the Mountain Lake Tour will take you over the beautiful town of Durango to Lemon Lake then to over 10,000' as we jump over Vallecito Lake. You will have incredible views of the San Juan Mountains, vast mountain valleys, and dense evergreen forests.

*Please allow for up to 90min in your schedule, total flight time is 45min.
Mountain Lake Helicopter Tour cost is $275/person minimum of two passengers.
Booking price includes fees and taxes, gratuity not included.

Durango Downtown Helicopter Tour Photo
Downtown Durango Helicopter Tour

The Animas City Tour is a great way to experience the art of flight without breaking the bank. Like our premier tours, the Animas City Tour begins at Animas Airpark only minutes from the heart of downtown Durango. While on the Animas City tour you will fly just above Lake Nighthorse, here you will have incredible views of the La Plata Mountains. We will then take an exciting descent down "Wild Cat Canyon" just over the City of Durango, then towards Turtle Lake and the remarkable red-rock cliffs that line the lower Animas River Valley. This is an incredible experience for all, and will showcase the beauty of our enchanting mountain town.

*Please allow for up to 1hr in your schedule, total flight time is 30min.
Animas City Helicopter Tour cost is $175/person minimum of two passengers.
Booking price includes fees and taxes, gratuity not included.


* Weight restrictions apply : Maximum seat capacity (250lbs) - Please be prepared to provide an accurate weight during the scheduling process. All tours are subject to change to due potential flight risks and weather conditions. For specific questions or concerns, please contact our direct line at 970.759.7482.

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How does the weather affect my flight?

Alpine Heli Tours is nestled in the Animas Valley Basin of Durango, Colorado- Life in the Mountains comes with so many advantages, but occasionally, there are some disadvantages, one of those disadvantages are the fast-changing weather systems that move through the area on a daily basis. Durango is notorious for having a strong monsoon season that encompasses the area from late-June/early-July thru the end of September.

Weather typical of this season is afternoon rain and thunderstorms along with turbulence throughout the afternoon into the early part of the evening. As a result, our flights will primarily take place in the mornings and early parts of the day. In an effort to provide you with the best possible flight experience, our pilots will always be very diligent in observing and monitoring the weather patterns down to the hour, and if they suspect a potential for adverse conditions, they will contact you immediately with a recommended plan of action. During the booking process, you will receive information the day before your planned departure containing standard pre-flight information, as well as a brief overview of the forecasted conditions for your proposed flight time. We here at Alpine Heli Tours are excited to meet you all, and look forward to providing you with a true Mountain Adventure!



Please arrive promptly at your pre-scheduled arrival time.

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